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About VIZf/x


VIZf/x specializes in the creation and visualization of computer based environments.


VIZf/x was founded by and currently lead by Robert Staehle.  Mr. Staehle is a registered architect licensed in several western states. Mr. Staehle obtained a B. Architecture from the University of Arizona '80.  Between 1980 and 1992 Mr Staehle was employed as an architect in the traditional sense of the profession.  He specialized in residential design and construction.  Many designs completed by Mr. Staehle received notoriety and professional awards.  Several designs are still published today in the Sunset Book series of publications.


In addition to his architectural credentials Mr. Staehle is a former Planning Commissioner having served in that capacity for four years, a member of the ASAI (American Society of Architectural Illustrators), and an Apple Consultant.

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Some of the services we provide our clients include:


Architectural Animation

Architectural Illustration

Entitlement Process: Planning and Design review documentation

Environmental Impact visual simulations

Interactive presentations

Creation of electronic design tools

VIZf/x has provided services for institutional, corporate, and individual clients. We intentionally split our work load between construction product manufacturers and providing integrated services to the design process prior to project approvals. This split in services has helps us to work closely with the integration of CAD tools into the architectural design process. We have worked hand in hand with many of the popular CAD software developers. The knowledge gained while creating leading edge software tools enhances our ability to create computer based simulations which capitalize on the strength of the tools available. Pushing the envelope to create rapid, cost effective representations of proposed construction projects, in turn, helps us to guide developers in understanding the challenges faced by the automated processes of the design professional.

For a visual explanation of what we do please follow this link

One of the best ways to contact us is via iChat.  You can chat Mr. Staehle by clicking this link archiboy@mac.com. Or Click this link to ADD   Mr. Staehle your buddy list.

VIZf/x is a founding member of The Rendertek Group. The group is a collaboration of outstanding independent consultants offering a wide range of computer based services to its' clients. By our alliance with The Rendertek Group VIZf/x is able to offer a complete range of services to our clients. From professional quality print campaigns to Architectural/Civil/Mechanical Engineering visualization including production of speaker support, legal litigation documents and entertainment content.